Month: January 2018

Maintaining Auto Glass in Winter

Auto glass in winter
Cold weather creates a new set of challenges for auto glass. The temperature gap between a car’s heated interior and the much colder outside temperature can put stress on glass.
Here are a few tips on keeping your auto glass in top condition.


Take care of small chips before temperatures plunge

A tiny rock chip that didn’t cause problems all year can turn into a huge spidery crack when the windshield freezes in winter. Contact an auto glass maintenance and repair specialist to repair small chips. Often they can come to your location to make the repairs easily and inexpensively before they turn into big problems.

Defrost your windshield slowly

Allow time for the car to heat up and the windshield defroster to get warm and melt ice and snow. If you have to, use a de-icer that is approved for glass to melt ice. Don’t pour hot water on the windshield – the sudden change of temperature can cause cracking.

Use a plastic ice scraper to remove stubborn ice

Metal spatulas, knives or tools can scratch the windshield.

Use a winter washer fluid

Check the reservoir often to make sure it is full. Have the reservoir repaired or replaced if it is leaking. Remember to take the time to prepare your car and your windshield for winter. Have a checklist ready and make sure you have winter washer fluid, the proper de-icer products and several ice scrapers on hand.