Month: February 2019

Can Your Windshield Be Repaired For Free?

Halco Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.


I.C.B.C’s comprehensive coverage includes free windshield repairs when:

  • The damage is smaller than a loonie.
  • The damage isn’t in the driver’s line of vision.
  • The damage isn’t a long crack.
  • There isn’t pre-existing damage (such as a long crack).

These are general guidelines. Only an authorized Glass Express facility will be able to determine if it is safe and appropriate to repair — or rather replace your windshield. Visit our HALCO Glass Repair location at 1408 Clark Drive in Vancouver, or call us at 504-239-8648 and ask for a mobile service representative to come to you. We’ll assess and repair the damage on the spot — at your home, or where you work.

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