Month: May 2019

Mobile Auto Glass Repair Tips

Halco Glass Windshield Replacement


In many cases, you can simply drive to our location at 1408 Clark Drive in Vancouver. However, we do offer a mobile service if it’s not safe for you to operate your vehicle following damage to your automotive glass.


Visiting the shop is OK when there is a:

  • Small rock chip to the windshield
  • Minor crack in a side view mirror
  • Crack in the rear window or side door window

However, mobile auto glass service is best for a:

  • Shattered windshield
  • Fully broken side door window or rear window
  • Smashed side view mirror

Driving with any of these types of damage greatly increase the risk of a collision. You may even get a traffic citation for driving in such unsafe conditions. It’s smarter to pull over and call HALCO at 604-239-8648 and speak to us about our mobile auto glass repair service.