Month: February 2020

Avoid Temporary Fixes with Plastic



We see it all the time, and many of us have done it. Broken auto glass covered with an elaborate display of plastic sheeting and duck tape. Although an attempt for a temporary fix is completely understandable, it has some downsides other than just the way it looks.



Plastic won’t stop flying objects
Shards of glass, rocks and metal objects can easily tear through plastic, injuring you or your passengers.

It won’t keep the weather out
You’ll waste gas trying to keep the weather out. AC’s and heaters can’t do their job efficiently — and then there’s the wind and rain.

You become an easy target for thieves
Your car looks vulnerable to thieves, and it doesn’t take much. Gone in 60 seconds — both your car and the valuables you kept inside.

You’ll delay fixing your glass properly
You’ll get accustomed to your handy work and delay the inevitable.


Play it safe. Call HALCO Glass in Vancouver at 604-239-8648 and we’ll explain all your options — and we’ll work directly with your insurance company, so you won’t have to.