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Watch for Darting Children

It’s back to school!
Back to school means kids are excited and can be easily distracted. For drivers, this can create dangerous situations on the roads. Make sure your windshield is in optimal condition and be vigilant and alert behind the wheel. You never know when a small child might step out from between parked cars or off a sidewalk.
Obey the Crossing Guard
A crossing guard is there to keep children safe. If you come up to a set of lights, and the light turns green, but the crossing guard still says stop, follow his/her direction and not the traffic light. There might be a child still crossing the street that you can’t see.



Modern High Tech Auto Glass

Not just any auto glass!

Many new vehicle models come equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – a series of safety systems that allows your vehicle to automate and enhance safety functions. Your vehicle’s ADAS can alert you to potential problems on the road and help you avoid accidents.
Features include collision avoidance assistance to alert you when you’re too close to another vehicle, automatic braking to help you avoid collisions and adaptive cruise control to react to the speed of the vehicles around you. Since ADAS sensors are often placed in your vehicle’s windshield, repairing the damage helps preserve these systems.

HALCO auto glass repair specialists are up-to-speed when it comes to your vehicles ADAS systems. Call HALCO today and talk to one of our glass repair specialists.



Answers To All Your Questions About Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

You have questions — we have answers!
When your vehicle needs a windshield replacement or car window repairs, you may have questions about our auto glass services. Just ask us! We’ll have answers.
At HALCO Glass, we’re committed to trust, honesty, integrity, and transparency in everything we do. When you bring your vehicle in for an auto glass replacement or repairs, we want you to feel comfortable, confident, and educated about the auto glass services you’ll receive with us.
If you have questions about our company, our auto glass technicians, or our services, — feel free to reach out to HALCO Glass at 604-239-8648 to get all the answers you need.



Certified KIA Auto Glass Repair

Certified KIA auto glass repair


HALCO Glass is proud to announce that its parent company – B&D Autobody and Glass Ltd – has been given the KIA Certified Collision Care Provider status, — a prestigious certification offered only to those with proven qualified collision repair facilities.


What does the certification mean to you?

Certification proves to insurers and to customers alike, that we have what it takes to repair your broken auto glass to exact KIA factory specifications.


Being CERTIFIED proves that our collision repair facilities have all the proper tools, equipment, as well as the training, — all essential to your vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, functionality, value, and safety — and that we can repair your broken KIA auto glass quickly — and professionally!



Mobile Auto Glass Repair Tips

Halco Glass Windshield Replacement


In many cases, you can simply drive to our location at 1408 Clark Drive in Vancouver. However, we do offer a mobile service if it’s not safe for you to operate your vehicle following damage to your automotive glass.


Visiting the shop is OK when there is a:

  • Small rock chip to the windshield
  • Minor crack in a side view mirror
  • Crack in the rear window or side door window

However, mobile auto glass service is best for a:

  • Shattered windshield
  • Fully broken side door window or rear window
  • Smashed side view mirror

Driving with any of these types of damage greatly increase the risk of a collision. You may even get a traffic citation for driving in such unsafe conditions. It’s smarter to pull over and call HALCO at 604-239-8648 and speak to us about our mobile auto glass repair service.



Life After Auto Glass Replacement

Halco Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.


Here are some important things drivers should pay attention to following auto glass replacement to their windshield, windows or sunroof.


Preserve your new auto glass

It’s never a good idea to take your replacement auto glass into a drive through car wash right away. However, rain will not harm your new windshield, window or sunroof. In fact, urethane sealant can actually cure faster due to the moisture.

Auto glass adhesive seals take a while to form. If you hired the Halco mobile auto glass team to come to you and provide their services, you will get a recommended drive-away time.


Avoid future replacement needs

If you drive the same route every day and have had to replace the same auto glass more than once, you may want to alter your commute. You may also want to park somewhere new if you’ve experienced vandalism or routine auto glass damage.


Cleaning the Inside of Your Windshield Properly

Halco Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.



Although there isn’t a proper schedule for interior windshield cleaning, you’ll know when it needs to be done. Newer vehicles tend to need it more frequently and you’ll probably have to do it more often during the hot summer months.


Plasticizers are the main culprit

The culprit when dealing with the inside of a windshield is plasticizers — especially with newer vehicles. Although you don’t normally see them, you know they’re there because they’re responsible for the “new car smell” so many people are fond of.

As they work their way out of the vehicle’s plastic components, like the dashboard, they coat the inside of the windshield with a yellowish plastic-like film that can’t be removed with a simple spray-and-wipe using paper towels.

  • Purchase And Use A Glass Scrubber Using your normal window or glass cleaner, give the scrubber a quick spritz to prepare it. Then, select one corner of the windshield to work on, and give it a couple of sprays too.
  • Scrub Firmly, But Gently, from Top to Bottom The plasticizer film will be stuck on pretty well, but your scrubber will cut through it.
  • Wipe Away Residue with a Microfiber Cloth Once the scrubber has done its magic, the residue should come right up with your microfiber cloth. Give your cloth a couple of squirts of glass cleaner and wipe the window in both directions, to pick up all the gunk.
  • Buff the Windshield with a Microfiber Cloth To finish cleaning, wipe away any remaining cleaner or residue using a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
  • Use Foam Cleaner for a Streak-Free Shine Both traditional window glass cleaners and foam cleaners have a place and purpose. Use a foam cleaner to remove streaks and get your windshield looking crystal clear.

Removing the yellowish plasticizer residue from the inside of your windshield will help improve your visibility and eliminate distortion while driving — especially at night.



Can Your Windshield Be Repaired For Free?

Halco Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.


I.C.B.C’s comprehensive coverage includes free windshield repairs when:

  • The damage is smaller than a loonie.
  • The damage isn’t in the driver’s line of vision.
  • The damage isn’t a long crack.
  • There isn’t pre-existing damage (such as a long crack).

These are general guidelines. Only an authorized Glass Express facility will be able to determine if it is safe and appropriate to repair — or rather replace your windshield. Visit our HALCO Glass Repair location at 1408 Clark Drive in Vancouver, or call us at 504-239-8648 and ask for a mobile service representative to come to you. We’ll assess and repair the damage on the spot — at your home, or where you work.

I.C.B.C. Glass Claims






Replacing A Rear Windshield

Halco Glass repair and replacement.


Unlike the front windshield, in most instances a broken rear window in your vehicle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Rear window glass is tempered glass, meanining when it breaks it shatters into pebble-sized glass particles.


Out highly skilled technicians will assess the damage to your rear windshield and walk you through the steps required to make your rear windshield new again.

When it comes to rear windshield replacement, there is no one better and with more experience than the HALCO Glass repair specialists. Visit us in Vancouver on Clark Drive or call us for our outbound mobile glass repair service at 604-239-8648.