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Replacing A Rear Windshield

Halco Glass repair and replacement.


Unlike the front windshield, in most instances a broken rear window in your vehicle cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Rear window glass is tempered glass, meanining when it breaks it shatters into pebble-sized glass particles.


Out highly skilled technicians will assess the damage to your rear windshield and walk you through the steps required to make your rear windshield new again.

When it comes to rear windshield replacement, there is no one better and with more experience than the HALCO Glass repair specialists. Visit us in Vancouver on Clark Drive or call us for our outbound mobile glass repair service at 604-239-8648.



Preserving Your New Auto Glass

It’s never a good idea to take your new replacement auto glass into a drive through car wash right away. However, rain will not harm your new windshield, window or sunroof. In fact, urethane sealant can actually cure faster due to the moisture.
Auto glass adhesive seals take time to form an air-tight bond. The HALCO Auto Glass team will give you a recommended drive-away time.
Driving before the recommended time can cause leaks around your new window, windshield or sunroof. Following any auto glass repair, it’s best to wait a few days before re-applying your window decals or stickers.

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Avoiding Damage to Auto Mirrors

Accidents, vandalism and daily use can damage your vehicle’s side mirrors. Many of today’s premium automobiles like BMW, Lexus and Mini have high-tech mirrors which can be finiky to fix and replace. If you need a new side mirror or if you have any cracked or broken glass issues, call the Factory Authorized glass repair specialists at Halco Glass – and get the job done right – the first time.


Tips to avoid mirror damage:

  • Be carefully while parking and pay attention to vehicles around you
  • Park in safe, well lit areas
  • Clean your mirrors gently

Call us today. We’ll come direct to your home or office with our expert mobile glass repair service, and get you moving safely–fast!



Tips For Maintaining Your Windshield

weather proof your windshield



Fall and winter weather is right around the corner. Here are a few of the ways you can protect your auto glass. However, each of these tips can go a long way in preventing damage to your windshield during winter.


  • Inspect your windshield for chips or cracks
    Chips and cracks should be professionally repaired immediately.
  • Have your windshield professionally treated with a rain repellent
    This will help your visibility stay high, no matter how heavy the rain or snow might get.
  • Install newer, stronger wiper blades
    This simple step may go a long way in helping you avoid low visibility during downpours.
  • Use an antifrost or defogging product
    If you are not familiar with how to apply these products, ask our auto glass professionals for help. Call us at 604-239-8648 today.


When to Use Halco’s Mobile Glass Repair Service

Halco Mobile Auto Glass Repair


Driving with a shattered windshield, a smashed rear window or broken side view mirrors is not safe.

Driving with any of these types of damage greatly increase the risk of a collision. You may even get a traffic citation for driving in such unsafe conditions.

It is much smarter to pull over and call our HALCO Mobile Glass Repair Service at 604-239-8648 — and we’ll come to you!

The price you would pay for auto glass repair or auto glass replacement at the shop is what you will pay if we come to you. We’ll give you an estimate on the fly. You won’t be surprised with hidden costs when it comes to Halco’s mobile auto glass repair.



Repair or Replace Cracked Glass?

Halco Glass repair and replacement.Cracked glass can be dangerous. Little cracks become big cracks in no time flat. That’s why it’s important to address window damage as quickly as possible. Most small cracks and chips can be repaired quickly and cheaply if they’re caught in time. The mobile glass experts at HALCO GLASS will tell you on the spot what course of action is in your best interest.

HALCO GLASS is Vancouver’s premier Mobile Auto Glass Specialists. Fast, friendly, on-site windshield repair and replacement service for all vehicles.



Glass Repair: A Job for Professionals

Window damage repair might seem simple. However, it is not quite the same as changing your own oil.

In fact, Halco Glass has certified window repair experts that have seen some drivers make a small problem into a major problem.

The best choice is to visit a professional auto glass service right away. Once you see a windshield crack, a chipped window or other auto glass damage, let the pros get to work. Remember, if you try to do the work on your own, you might invalidate your warranty or insurance policy.

The window damage repair experts at Halco Glass have answers to all your questions. Call us today at 604-239-8648.

Halco glass repair and replacement.






Spring Thaw: Avoiding Accidents


Your windshield wipers worked hard to remove the snow during winter, but you will still need them to remove soft snow and rain during spring. If the blades are frayed or the washer fluid depleted, they will have to be replaced.

All-season tires work well on both dry and wet roads, but not on snow. Take the usual precautions on wet roads.


For example, keep a following distance of at least five seconds and break and turn slowly.

Remember, BC winters can be long in some areas and roads can still freeze in shady areas, so take care when driving under bridges and through mountain passes.

Water pools in the outside lanes, so stay in the middle lanes where possible. It is also easier to drive in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you than to drive through large puddles.

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