Life After Auto Glass Replacement

Halco Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.


Here are some important things drivers should pay attention to following auto glass replacement to their windshield, windows or sunroof.


Preserve your new auto glass

It’s never a good idea to take your replacement auto glass into a drive through car wash right away. However, rain will not harm your new windshield, window or sunroof. In fact, urethane sealant can actually cure faster due to the moisture.

Auto glass adhesive seals take a while to form. If you hired the Halco mobile auto glass team to come to you and provide their services, you will get a recommended drive-away time.


Avoid future replacement needs

If you drive the same route every day and have had to replace the same auto glass more than once, you may want to alter your commute. You may also want to park somewhere new if you’ve experienced vandalism or routine auto glass damage.