Windshield Repair In Winter



What you should know

Repairing a windshield in winter is not the same as repairing one in summer. Summer heat speeds up the curing process significantly, and most auto glass repairs can be fast and fairly routine when performed by a knowledgable crew.


Mobile glass repair

All mobile glass repair technicians know that repairing a windshield in cold weather requires additional precautions and care — and time!
Auto glass must be heated to a certain temperature for the resin to cure properly and ensure tight seals. Passenger safety, as well as comfort,  is always foremost on the minds of any responsible mobile auto glass repair specialist. Improperly sealed auto glass is not only dangerous, but poor workmanship can allow moisture and annoying whistling noises to enter the cabin of a vehicle.
Small chips or cracks in your windshield during the summer months are guaranteed to get bigger as the cold weather approaches. Smart motorists will tend to them as early as possible — they’ll save money, and have more peace of mind during winter driving conditions.