HALCO Glass windshield repair and replacement in Vancouver.


Professional Grade Craftsmanship

Glass repair and replacement technology never sits still. HALCO Glass™ technicians stay abreast of new advances in auto glass and sealants --so you and your family remain safe behind the wheel.

Most chips and small cracks in your windshield can be fixed quickly, permanently and inexpensively if they're caught in time.


House Calls

Busy people know their time is valuable. That's why HALCO Glass™ makes glass repair or replacement as convenient as possible for you. Call us. We'll send a technician over to your place.

We'll repair your auto glass while you go about your business --or finish up on those plans for that overdue family vacation.


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HALCO Glass repair and replacement in Vancouver.


Dashcam Installation

The HALCO Glass™ repair team now offers dashcam installation so you can record the road ahead of you. Camera data not only resolves accident issues, but it can also archive that summer road trip to your favorite vacation destination.



Glass repair and replacement is what we do. We've got years of experience. HALCO Glass™ technicians are quick to embrace all new developments in glass technology and adapt modern repair and replacement skills to ensure your glass gets repaired or replaced properly and permanently. And we'll Guarantee it for life!

HALCO Glass Repair and Replacement

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